Meet Us


I am a wedding photographer in San Francisco Bay Area, California. My philosophy is quite simple: I am your storyteller, I document your day in the most genuine way.

Being a photojournalism photographer, I have to shoot fast to capture the candid moments in different environments. Being on an artistic side, I love the soft, airy, and romantic look of film. With these two elements in mind, I find one answer: shoot digital and make them look like film with post editing. And that is how my style is built upon.

Just a little bit of my photography background. I started out as a fashion photographer. Over the years, I tried different fields of photography but I felt like something was missing. Quite unexpectedly, I had a chance to shoot the first wedding with other photographer, and that was when I found the missing piece. It's the privilege to help many couples, be with them throughout the day, tell their love story with my photographs. This is one of the most wonderful things I have in my life.