About Us

We are wedding photographers in San Francisco Bay Area, California. We use creative documentary and fine art photography to capture your love story in the most authentic, yet magical way.


Leo Pham

I know most people share one common struggle: "I don't know how to pose in front of a camera." This is why I chose creative documentary: I silently capture your wedding day as it unfolds. This allows you to experience your day in full, while I focus on capturing the emotional, genuine reactions. When the times come, I will take an active role in directing to create "epic photos". All you need to do is to enjoy your day and each other, because this will be the most beautiful time of your life.

Each wedding is unique in its own way and so is yours. I want to give you a masterpiece, which reflects who you really are, which tells your story beyond what you can see. I want your friends to be jealous, your family to be "OMG".

I also know how hard, frustrating, and confusing it might be when it comes to wedding planning (I was in your shoes, I understand). No matter who you are, whether or not you are my client, my goal is to help you with my knowledge and experience, in person and through my blog. Read it and see how much you can use to make your wedding dream come true. And thank you for spending time reading through what I want to say about myself.


Michael Dang

Being a wedding photographer is the best part of my life. It started as a hobby and then turned into something great and meaningful, not only for me but also for you. It's a blessing to be part of the most important time of your life, to be trusted by you to capture these moments. When your mind is not as good as it used to be, the photographs I take today will be the solid proofs tomorrow, telling you exactly how beautiful your life was.

My ultimate mission is to seek for raw emotions, and to interpret them in the most genuine way. But it is not enough to make me satisfy with my photographs. Year after year, I always push myself out of my comfort zone and over my limit, to learn and master techniques that can make your photographs unique. Your wedding is your wedding, why settle down like everyone else.




Although every client is important to us, we do have ideal clients whom we love to meet and work with. They are the ones who take time looking at our works to understand our style, who read most of our blog to know more about us before they meet us in person. Also, if you are fun, not traditional, and willing to try new things, probably you are our ideal clients. :)