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Album FAQ

Album FAQ

I don't know how to design an album. What options do I have?

Designing a beautiful album is time-consuming and needs lots of experiences. You don't have to know how to design an album. You can choose the photos and my team will design the layout. Or you can let them do all the work for you, from selecting the photos to designing the layout. There is no extra charge for the latter option.

How long can we expect the first layout?

After you submit the album order with your preferred design option, it will take 2 weeks for the 1st layout to finish. Each revision after will take 1 week to finish.

How much does it cost to modify a layout?

After the 1st layout is completed, you have 5 free photo substitutions. After that, it will be $10 per photo change or $40 for a complete spread (2 pages) layout change.

What is the turn around time?

You can expect to receive the album 8 weeks after you confirm the final design. It takes my lab 4~6 weeks to carefully handcraft your beautiful album. Then, I will do final inspection to make sure the album meets my standard before you can pick it up in-person, or I will ship it to you within a week. In rare case that the album doesn't meet my standard (in term of color and quality), I will send it back to the lab for a redo. In such case, I will in form you with new estimated date.

What is parent album? Do you offer one?

Simply put, parent album is a duplicated album (with same design and layout). Since I don't have to request a separate design service for parent album, you can enjoy parent album with 30% off from your album. It's a great way to say thank-you to your parents for what they have done for you.

How durable is the album?

My album is made of high-quality materials and paper, and really durable. It is water resistant (but not waterproof - don't soak it in water, it can't withstand) and will last for many years to come.

Can I add more pages to my album?

Yes! The benefit of having more pages is that you can have more important photos in your album without stuffing too many photos into one page. Also, your album will look more appealing and elegant with aesthelic empty spaces. Last but not least, my design team will have more room to work and choose the best layout for each page.

How much does it cost to add more pages?

It's $50 per 2 pages added. Due to the design, I cannot at odd number of pages.

I want to see the materials used for the album cover. How can I do that?

I can ship a set of samples to you (shipping charge is applied). Ideally, you want to get this when you are about to pick album cover style so that you can see the real color and texture of the material. However, due to the nature of material, final product might be slightly different than the samples.

What album sizes do you offer? What are the prices for each?

I offer album sizes of 8x8, 10x10 (most popular), and 12x12. The basic album I include in my package is 10x10, 20 pages. For the most current pricing, please contact me directly.

Do you charge tax on album?

I will charge tax on album and other prints.