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Casa Real at Ruby Hill Winery and outside vendors?

If you already booked Casa Real for your wedding (or if you already talked to them), you must know about their preferred vendor list. Basically, if you book the vendors on that list, there is no extra paperwork for you. However, if you want to look for someone else outside of that list, there are some paperwork in order to get the vendors "approved"? Is the it complicated?


No, the paperwork is not complicated - in our experience as photographers. Actually, you will not be the one who do the paperwork. The venue will email you a packet of forms that you just need to forward to your vendors and ask them to complete. After that, you just have to return the signed forms to the venue.


We are not on the venue's preferred list, but our approval process was simple. In 2017, when we booked our first wedding at Casa Real (Rica & Nino's wedding), we had to sign a vendor agreement, which basically indicates that we agree to the venue's rules & policies. Then we submitted our certificate of insurance as requested. A week later, they told us that we got approved. Few months after, we booked our second wedding there (Young & Rachel's wedding). This time, we just had to submit another vendor agreement for that wedding, and only got approved only few days later. Then in 2018, we booked two weddings here, with the same process and the approval time gets shorter.


We believe the venue did research on their end to make sure that the vendors you choose are good ones. But you should not let the process intimidate you. You just have to ask the vendors if they have any problem fulfilling the venue's requirements, and do this process early in advance so that they are officially approved for your wedding.