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DIY summer outdoor wedding - Soft blush romantic

Annie & Michael share their wedding experience working with us

This is the longest single-day Chinese wedding we've ever had - 16 hours. We started at 6am in Fremont, drove up to San Francisco for the traditional Chinese Tea Ceremony, drove down to Hakone Garden in Saratoga for the American Ceremony and Reception, and ended at 10pm. Their wedding was across the entire SF Bay Area. How did we even do that?

We love this wedding so much, not only because of beautiful setup they had but also their amazing personality. We asked Annie if we can call this a DIY wedding, and she said yes since all of the decoration, details, ideas were done by themselves. They went for a soft-romantic-blush theme, put together their favorite songs into CDs for guests to listen on the way home, added bubble for the ceremony recessional. Coming up with these ideas and putting them together are not easy, but they pulled it off so well.

Another thing that we love about Annie and Michael is how patient they were. Whenever we found a good photo opp, they went all the way with us, patiently posed, let us get the shot done right. I cannot stress enough how important patience is to make every wedding successful.

Wedding Coordinator: Perfectly Bubbly Events

Wedding Venue: Hakone Garden - Saratoga, CA

Caterer: Flourishing Gardens

Lighting - Magical Lighting

DJ - Big Fun DJs

Cake - La Patisserie

Make-up/Hair - Lela Nguyen

Flowers and decorations: DIY