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Ethereal Bridal Boudoir - A wonderful way to celebrate yourself.

A bridal boudoir session is a great way to celebrate your wedding and the best time to capture your glowing beauty. Our message behind this session is to let you know that a boudoir session is pretty easy to do.

For wardrobe, you will need some lovely lacy lingerie to make a soft, ethereal look. You don't have to buy well-known brands that can cost hundreds of dollar. Our model, Ngoc Truong, got her entire outfits from Amazon. They look absolutely lovely and amazing, even better than other brands' designs.

For location, we didn't have to choose a fancy 5 stars hotel in order to have great photos. The trick is to get a place with plenty of natural light. This room from Airbnb was just the right one for us. And indeed, we think places like this have more unique characteristics than the standard and similar look of other luxury hotels.

For makeup and hair, you MUST choosing the right makeup artist (MUA). This can make a big difference. So, know your style and do some research. Tip: when you look at MUA's portfolio, try looking at the "before and after" or photos by cellphone. Most of the time, the photos of the MUA are provided by the different photographers, and they can be "overly retouched".

When should you do it? Although you can do it at anytime of your life, we think the best time should be just before your wedding day (or even in the morning of it). You've been working so hard for the wedding and your state of mind are already at its best. Isn't it the right time to document all of your efforts and your greatest look?

Model: Ngoc Truong

Makeup/Hair: Dang Quoc Tuan

Accessories: Nga Dinh Bridal