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French shabby chic outdoor intimate wedding

People say French is the language of love and romance, but I didn't know why until I was at Josephine and Thomas's wedding. Listening to the entire wedding spoken in French was such a pleasure. Although the only sentence I could really understand was "je t'aime" (meaning I love you), the sound and tone of this language is so charming and fascinating. However, at the same time, I found it quite challenging to anticipate what was going on because their communication was in French only. Luckily, with photojournalism approach, I could guess what might happen next to get myself ready.

Although it was an intimate wedding with less than 40 guests, they did make it with style. Their choice of venue bring a noble feel just like old towns in Europe. It was my first time at Holman Ranch and I immediately felt in love with it. It looks unique compare to other venues in the area. Although they didn't want to strike a strong statement with their wedding details and decoration, they made it look so elegant from many aspects: mermaid waived hair with floral crown, semi-casual groomsmen attire, blush matching bridesmaids dress and the glamorous wedding dress.

Wedding venue: Holman Ranch - Carmel Valley, California