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How to choose a perfect photographer for your wedding? (Final - Interview)

We’re glad that you follow us to this final part of our series: how to choose a perfect wedding photographers. You’ve done a lot. Now, it is the most exciting part of all: get out and interview the photographers.

Interview is not a procedure that you can simply follow. It is a chance to make the personal connection to each other, to understand each other at much deeper level. There are two aspects you have to learn about the photographers: business and personality (which we mentioned in Part 1 - Research). We will show you how to get a good understanding of those two:


Business aspect:

You want to know what you can expect, how their skills can apply to your wedding, and how they can fulfill your need. Here are how:

  • Start with a standard questionnaire. Look for questionnaire #1 in this post.
  • Ask to see an album of an actual full wedding (you should ask them prior to your meeting so they can bring one). It’s good if you can look at some highlight photos or full wedding on their website. But when technologies change, when Facebook is not popular anymore (maybe), when your wedding photos get lost in your Instagram, an album is what you and your family (children, grandchildren) will actually see. Get an idea of how your wedding photos will be like 20 years from now.
  • Ask to see a sample contract. It is crucial to understand the contract thoroughly to set the right expectation. In addition, it is a chance to negotiate the contract if it is possible. For example: what if your wedding last longer than expect?


Personality aspect:

You might ask “What personality has anything to do with this?” Check out Part 1- Research, we did explain why personality matters. Here are how to understand it:

  • Start with a genuine interest that you want to know them. The photographers have far more to say than they do on their website, but they only say when they feel your true interest.
  • Standard questionnaire (this is different than the above). Look for questionnaire #2. Try to make it more like a conversation between friends than an interview between clients and vendors. Share your story and let them share theirs. It’s more interesting that way.
  • Give them a scenario that you think will happen at your wedding and ask what they would do about it. For example: “Some of my family members love to have their photos taken. What if they want to pull you away from us to take photos, what would you do?”



The better you connect with your photographer, the better your photos will turn out, and the better the overall experience will go.

If you believe they are the one, book them as soon as you can. There were times we missed our favorite clients because someone booked us before they decided to. While they can hold the date for you, they cannot hold it forever if there is another one asking for it.

Good luck to you!