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Korean and Chinese wedding at Casa Real Winery

You'll never know where your relationships will lead you to. This time, we had a chance to document a beautiful wedding of one of the most good-looking couples, Rachel and Young. Rachel is the sister of Lisha Wang's boyfriend (to be more accurate: fiancé. Congrats Lisha!). Lisha is a dear friend and colleague of mine. I knew her in 2015 and long story short, last year, she referred me to Rachel for her wedding. And that brought us back to Casa Real, one of the most popular and beautiful venues in SF Bay Area.

People say that First Look will take away all emotion before the ceremony even starts. We don't think so. If you are on emotional side, it will be shown regardless. In this wedding, we saw how emotional Rachel was when her dad gave her hand to Young. And it was one of our favorite moments when Young tenderly wiped away her tear. Can it be any more lovely?

Also, we want to say special thanks to these wonderful vendors who made this beautiful wedding happen:

Christina Chen (from Makeup by Quis) for her gorgeous makeup/hair

Zainab Ahmad for her great coordination

Jefferson Espinosa (from DJ J Kixx) for keeping everyone dancing on the floor

Elizabeth Tsutsumi-Hypnar (from Enchantment Floral) for the beautiful flower

Jody Amos (from Amos Production) for the enchanted lighting and fun photobooth

Fatema Nuruddin (from Cake Delight) for the beautiful wedding cake

Gabriel Lopez for making the ceremony go smoothly