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Low-resolution vs High-resolution Photos

Recently, we often received a question regarding the appearance of the photos on our website: "Why the photos on your website look blurry? Will the photos we receive look like that?"

In this post, we want to give you a better understanding of why it happens and if it affects you (at all).

First of all, we want to say thanks to the people who asked that question so that we know the issue that other people might experience as well.

Technically, the up side of low resolution photos is the smaller file size. This results in faster loading speed when you view it on the internet (especially when you use your cell phone data). However, the down side is that they look blurry on bigger screens. And vice versa, high resolution loads really slowly but looks great on bigger screen.

If you have slow internet (cell phone data, for example), low-res is better. If you use big devices (17" and up) to view them, high-res is better. And these lead to our biggest dilemma: to use low-res or high-res for our website?

Since we had some reports indicating that most of our viewers look at our website via phones and tablets (slow internet and small screen), we decided to use low-resolution to provide faster loading speed. This, of course, will affect the way you view our website on bigger screens.

Below are some photos that you can look at to see the difference:

  • Low-res: smallest file size, fastest loading speed, sharp on small screen, blurry on big screen.
  • Standard-res: somewhere in between low-res and high-res.
  • High-res: largest file size, slowest loading speed, sharp on both small and big screen.

If you view on your cell phone or tablet, we're pretty sure that you can't tell any difference. The bigger the screen is, the more easily you can see the difference between them.

Note: it's not strange if the high-res doesn't show up as it might take forever to load with cell phone data.

We are constantly working on solutions to make sure that our viewers have good experience on any internet connection, on any device. Any feedback is appreciated.

Leo PhamComment