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Magical engagement session at Fitzgerald Marine Reserve, Half Moon Bay

This was the third time of the years, within only one month, that I came back to this amazing location. Every single time I came here, it changed! Less than 2 weeks ago, when I did an engagement here for Bonnie & Kenny, the view were different. It felt like we went to a dress fitting where this place is the main character.

Now, Susan & Chris and I were able to witness one of the most beautiful views that mother nature gives us. And no, there was no special effect applied on these photos, they are all RAW beauty of nature. A trick is to wake up early and wait for the magic to happen.

Susan was one of the bridesmaids from my favorite DIY Back Yard Wedding last year. She reached out to us only few weeks after the wedding and asked if we could be her wedding photographer. For us, this is a great honor.

Now, we already did her wedding in January. It will be featured soon. In the meantime, let see how beautiful their e-session can possibly be!