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Questions to ask your wedding photographers

This post is a list of questions that you should ask your photographers to understand both their business and personality aspect. This is a supplement for the Final part of our series: How to find a perfect wedding photographer, when you have a chance to interview them. You can ask them via email or in a meeting, although we would recommend to do so in a meeting (in person or online).


Questionnaire #1: business.

  1. Do you have liability insurance?
  2. What equipment do you use?
  3. How do you back up our photos?
  4. Who will shoot our wedding?
  5. How long do I expect to receive the photos?
  6. How many photos do I expect to receive?
  7. Is there any other fee that I should know?
  8. What if our wedding runs later than expect? Will you stay? How much extra will you charge?
  9. Can I share the photos online, or print them? What rights do I have toward the photos?
  10. Have you shot at [your venue name]? Or have you shot at a similar venue?
  11. How long have you been in the business?
  12. How many weddings have you shot?
  13. How do you describe your photography style?
  14. What is the booking payment? What form of payment do you accept?
  15. What happens when you cannot shot our wedding?
  16. How do you edit the photos?
  17. Are you willing to follow a shot list?
  18. Does the price include tax?
  19. If we book [such] and [such], is there a special pricing for that?


Questionnaire #2: personality.

  1. How did you become a wedding photographer?
  2. What do you like being a wedding photographer?
  3. Who is your ideal client?
  4. What is your favorite wedding?
  5. What is the most stressful part being a wedding photographer? How do you deal with it?
  6. What make you different than other photographers?
  7. We are not really good at posing. What approach do you take?
  8. What are things you’ve seen at weddings that can we can prepare to make them better?


Let us know if there is any other question you want to ask your photographers.

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