Leo Pham Photography



We don't know how to pose. What would we do?

Many couples told us that they feel so awkward in front of a camera. But on the wedding day, our photojournalism approach always put them at ease and feel like themselves. Indeed, we don't do cheesy poses. We focus on their moments and emotions.

Will you do posed shots?

Although posed shots are hard for many couples, some of these throughout the day can be an interesting experience to try. So hands down!

How many photos do we receive?

Our goal is to tell your wedding story beautifully and completely. In order to do so, we take as many photographs as it needs. However, at some point, the photographs become repetitive. We strive to deliver unique photographs to you with each frame we take. Our clients usually receive 400 to 800 images, depending on the nature of their wedding.

When will we receive our photos?

Every single image is individually checked and edited before being sent. As such it’s a process we will never ‘fast track!' Edits can take up to 8 – 12 weeks.

What are the differences between standard-resolution and high-resolution digital files in your packages?

If you view them on electronic devices (phone, tablet, computer, tv, etc.), there is almost no different. The difference between them only visible if you plan to print them out (especially large prints like canvas or album).

Can we print the photos?

Yes, you can either buy prints through me or get your high-resolution photos printed at any photo lab.

Do you offer albums?

Yes, I offer premium leather albums. They can be designed to your specific needs and can be ordered anytime after your big day. We usually take all the hard works (selection, design, inspection) while you are on honey moon enjoying your great time together.

Do you have insurance?

We take every precaution when it comes to weddings but Public Liability and business insurance in a no brainer!

Do you have back up gear?

Yes, I always have multiple cameras, a number of lenses,and more memory cards than I need at all weddings.

How do we book?

Contact me and I will respond as soon as possible. To secure a date, I require a retainer and a signed wedding photography agreement.