Frequent Questions

How many photographs will I receive?

Our goal is to tell your wedding story beautifully and completely. In order to do so, we take as many photographs as it needs. However, at some point, the photographs become repetitive. We strive to deliver unique photographs to you with each frame we take. Our clients usually receive 400 to 800 images, depending on the nature of their wedding.


How long will I expect to receive the images?

We know how much you want to see your photographs. Thus, we will give you a couple “sneak peeks” after a few days of your wedding. We aim to turn around the photographs as quickly as we can, while still maintaining the exceptional quality you expect. Generally speaking, it takes us 8 to 12 weeks to master your photographs and prepare your gallery.


Why do the photos on your website look blurry?

We use low-resolution photos to shorten loading time for all viewers, especially for the ones who use cell phone data. However, because of the small file size, they might appear blurry on bigger screens (17" and above). We made a separate post about this if you would like to know more detail.


What are the differences between standard-resolution and high-resolution digital files in your packages?

The difference between them only visible if you plan to print them out. For printing (especially large prints), most labs require high-resolution files to ensure good quality. However, for viewing on electronic devices (phone, tablet, computer, tv, etc.), the difference between them is negligeable.


Do you travel for destination or international wedding?

No matter where your wedding is, if you love our work and would like us to capture the most beautiful day of your life, it will be our great honor and we will go wherever it takes. This year, we are so excited to capture love stories in Arkansas, Viet Nam, Italy. We have special pricing and consideration for destination wedding. Please contact us directly for full pricing information.


How many meetings should we have before our wedding?

Planning for your wedding consumes most of your time, thus we don't require multiple meetings. We are very quick and thorough with emails and phone calls, and are able to answer most questions those way. So, in most cases, you only need to meet us once (online or in person).


How many photographers will be there with us?

We always have two photographers at each wedding. Occasionally, we will bring an assistant to help us with lighting and setup.


What is the booking process?

Easy. Just contact us and we’ll arrange an opportunity for us to get to know each other. For destination weddings, everything can be done online, Skype or FaceTime, whichever you prefer. Then you can count on us for the rest of the process.