Leo Pham Photography

Hyatt Regency - San Francisco Wedding | David & Jennifer

What more can we possibly ask for when we were chosen by another photographer for his wedding day? We first met David at his friend's wedding, Gokul, whose wedding we also captured. Shortly after, David reached out to us and decided to have us as his wedding photographer.

Shooting for another photographer's wedding is a new experience to us. Some might say that it is harder because the pressure and expectation are far greater. For us, the pressure is somewhat more than other couples' weddings. However, we had stronger support from David and Jennifer since they are in photography business and they already know what need to be done. They are so organized, putting things together perfectly, making our job much easier, allowing us to solely focus on photography.

Not to mention that David got crazy drifting skill with his Porsche. And probably Jennifer already learned how to do that, I think.