Sweet words from our clients

Quyen and Odell
Coyote Ranch Wedding

"We planned our San Jose wedding from Washington, DC, and we knew Leo was the one over a phone consultation that was easy going, thoughtful, and professional as he shared with us how he got particular candid shots that we were inspired by.  If I were to recommend Leo to a best friend, I would say that he captured the magic of our love through breath taking shots - both candid and posed - in ways we never dreamed possible.  His candid shots captured the joy and beauty of not just us but our guests, and reminds us on a daily basis of the love that surrounded us as we began our new journey together as a family.  His "posed" shots were fun, creative, unique, and beautiful.  Many of our friends shared that our photos look nothing like "regular" wedding photos, but more like art.  We feel honored to have been able to work with Leo to capture the happiest day of our lives."

Leo Pham