Sweet words from our clients

Katherine K.

berkeley wedding

"Leo and his team worked with me for my wedding in March 2016. I was trying to book a photographer only a few months in advance, had a budget smaller than what's normally required for a wedding in the Bay Area, and couldn't find a photographer who could meet those two requirements AND whose photos I actually liked.

And then I came across Leo and his site, filled with photos that were natural and artistic. To be fully honest, I didn't like every single picture that I saw, but what really appealed to me was that I could see his photos getting better and better with each event he shot. I contacted him, and was super relieved to see that his fee was right around my budget.

Leo and I met over FaceTime shortly before the wedding where we finalized all the details I had been sending him over email. He was very thorough and asked a lot of questions, which I appreciated. We were having 350+ people at our wedding, and a big part of the photography I wanted was someone who could take large group shots (50+) also. Which surprised him, but was totally willing to try (: Another thing we talked about was that there was rain forecasted for the wedding day. We talked about what our plans and options were and he assured me that it would be ok.

Day-of: Leo shows up early with his team, which I was not expecting. I thought he was just bringing a second shooter, but he brought a team which was such a huge help. It did end up raining that day and so we went ahead with our plan B which was to try to shoot more interior shots at the UC Berkeley campus. The day was a whirlwind, but all I can say was that Leo and the guys were incredibly professional, willing to do anything, had a great attitude in the rain, worked hard, were patient, and were all smiles throughout.

Post: Leo got me a preview slideshow THAT night after the reception. I was really touched by his dedication and throughout the next week, I got to see my wedding unfold through the different albums he started to upload into the gallery. It was special to be able to show my family (who we were visiting on our honeymoon and couldn't come to the wedding itself) photos so quickly. I was so thankful. Within a couple weeks, he had finished the photos and the gallery was done. What an amazing turnaround time (although I guess if he starts to book more and more weddings, this might not happen as fast!)

I would highly recommend Leo. He's thoughtful and careful, able to use the environment and whatever is around him, to capture beautiful shots. I expect he'll get more and more popular soon!"

Leo Pham