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Wall art collections

Welcome to my best-selling wall art collections. Whether you are moving in your new home or decorating your living room with your significant other, I'm so excited to see your memories are about to be born. All of our clients say that although they've looked through their photos for many times, it was an incredible feeling to see their memories come to life vividly like this, and to feel them by hand. Whether it is the living room or the dining room, the best thing they've done for their home is to decorate it with their own beautiful memories, things they relate to, not only their wedding but also many other special occasions. They cannot imagine it any other way.


But everything starts at this moment when I draft a vision for you, help you visualize your imagination. I will need some things to get things started. So are you ready?


Here they are:

Send me a photo of your wall for the collections:

  • Make sure that you point your camera/cellphone straight to the wall.
  • Make sure to have as much light as possible.
  • It is the best if you can include both floor and ceiling.

Include something for length reference, such as couch, table, or even yourself. This will give you better overall view of how the collection will look like on your wall. Remember to write down the exact measurement of that reference.

Let us know:

  • Your preferred style for the Collection: horizontal, vertical, symmetrical, or asymmetrical
  • Your preferred piece: many small pieces or few big ones.
  • Your budget for the entire Collection.
  • Your top favorites photos.

What you can expect:

  • Our designer team will work on different options, depending on your style preference and budget.
  • They will present the best options, with the total cost and what are included.


Here are some most-picked collections:

Collection 1 sample a.jpg
Collection 2 sample a.jpg
Collection 3 sample a.jpg

How long does the design process take?

After I receive your preferred options, I will forward to my designers and they will work on it ASAP. You can expect to get back your first layout within one week.

How much does it cost to change the layout?

After the 1st layout, you can request the 2nd layout without any charge. After that, it is $75 per change. If you book the wall art collection before your wedding date (or any other session), the 3rd and 4th layout are on me!

How much does it cost to switch photos?

There is no additional cost to change the photos. If you like the layout but want to swap 1 or 2 photos for different ones, feel free to let me know. It's pretty simple and only takes 1~2 days.

How do I hang my canvas?

The canvas comes with pre-install hang hardware. All you need is a pin on your wall.